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Concerning the Privacy Protection Rule

IP Techno Co., Ltd.

In order to appropriately protect the privacy information of clients using our services, IP Techno Co., Ltd. exercises utmost care and attention in the handling of such information. To ensure that clients can use the services with confidence, IP Techno has established the following privacy information handling policies.

Management of privacy information

  1. IP Techno recognizes the importance of privacy information protection for the preservation of privacy and exercises rigorous management over the privacy information gathered from clients who use the services of IP Techno.
  2. IP Techno takes protective measures against unauthorized access, loss, destruction, tampering, and leakage, etc., of privacy information, exercises appropriate information management, and implements corrective measures expediently should a relevant incident occur.

Acquisition of privacy information

IP Techno may request users of this site to enter privacy information. Privacy information means a person's name, company name, address, telephone number, email address, or other information that enables identifying an individual person.

Purpose of use of privacy information

Privacy information provided IP Techno by clients is as a rule used for the purposes listed in items 1 through 5 below. If privacy information is to be used for any other purposes, IP Techno will specifically communicate such uses on individual websites.
  1. For the performance of the services provided to clients by the IP Techno.
  2. For responding to inquiries received by IP Techno from clients.
  3. For mailing information materials requested by clients.
  4. For the research of the website usage status and usage environment, etc., to obtain an objective indication of client satisfaction.
  5. For contacting clients when necessary.

Based on the privacy information received from clients, IP Techno can prepare statistical data in a format precluding individual identification and can use that data under preservation of the anonymity of the privacy information.

Disclosure of privacy information

Privacy information provided to IP Techno by clients is as a rule neither disclosed nor provided to third parties without the prior permission of the information owner except in the cases listed in items 1 through 5 below.
  1. In case of disclosure of necessary information to partnering institutions under cooperative agreements with IP Techno, consistent with the content of the services commissioned by clients.
  2. In case of the statutory enforcement of an order by police, etc., or inquiry from governmental and other public offices.
  3. If IP Techno is found to have a statutory duty of disclosure in cases other than mentioned above.
  4. If necessary for the protection of property or rights of clients, or of IP Techno, or third parties.
  5. If necessary for maintaining the services of this site.
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Established on October 2, 2009