Patent Search, Information Analysis, and Translation Services


Information Analysis

Technology Analysis and Mapping (Patent Map)

The service will provide our client with analyzed patent information in the form of the presentation material such as summaries, figures, graphs and charts, in accordance with a request from our client. The analysis is conducted by our skillful patent researchers, and we believe that our output results have great advantages including not only visual presentations, but also comments, opinions, predictions by the third-person aspects. The purpose of the search is to evaluate or understand huge patents of specific companies, technical trend, competitors’ activities, assistance in R&D, patent infringement risks, etc.

Screening - Patent Classifications

The service will be able to provide our client with detailed classifications (in-house classifications or the like) results of the patents collected by the search, so that even the patents, which have difficulties in classified by IPCs, FIs, can be classified more conveniently. We will also help our client for classifying patent files in your office.

Copying Services

  1. The copying service is available for domestic and worldwide patent publications (with abstracts).
  2. Copying is available for application documentations (file wrappers) and Trial records, etc., concerning patents, utility model rights, designs and trademarks.
  3. Inspecting Patent ledgers (with and without authentication) is also available.
  4. Obtaining non-patent literature publications (academic papers and publications) is also available.

Patent Seminar / Lecture

IP Techno offers instruction classes in company internal patent workshops and prepares training materials from proposals drafted by client side.
  1. Course for acquiring basic knowledge: Patent overview; How to read the patent documentation; Patent research methods, etc.
  2. Course for upgrading practical patent skills: Infringement assessment; Patent documentation drafting; Patent litigation; Judgment; Study, etc.
  3. Patent management and IP economy course: Development and patents; Patent strategies; Cost analysis of patent operations, etc.