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Head Office

Company Name IP Techno Co., Ltd.
Address 3-2-5, Kita-Aoyama, NH Aoyama Bldg. 6F, Minato-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN, 107-0061  Access Map
Tel +81-3-3405-5095 (Main)
Fax +81-3-3405-5096
Company Organization Structure Sales Division, IP Analysis Division, Administrative Division
Overseas Network We have good relationships between local research agents, law firms, other entities in PR China, South Korea, other Asian countries, major European countries, etc.
Mainly Covered Technical Fields Automotive, Control Systems, Semiconductor (Devices, Manufacturing, etc.), Network/Communication, Software/Hardware, Business Methods Patent, Optics, Precision/Information Devices (MFP, Copiers, etc.), Medical Diagnosis Devices (X-Ray, CT, MRI, etc.), Chemicals, Metal, Textile, Materials, Commodities, Food, Amusement Machines // and others
  • Patent Search
  • Patent Watching (SDI)
  • Information Analysis
  • Translation
  • IP Consulting (information management, various analysis)
  • Patent Seminar / Lecture
  • Other services (copying services)

West Japan Branch

Address CK22 Kirin Hirokoji Bldg. 5F,
2-3-31 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi, JAPAN, 460-0008  Access Map
Tel +81-52-212-7770
Fax +81-52-212-7771

Kyoto Office

Address 4F Kyoto Research Park West Area Bldg. 6,
93 Chudoji Awatacho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, JAPAN, 600-8815  Access Map
Tel +81-75-874-7806
Fax +81-75-874-7826