Patent Search, Information Analysis, and Translation Services


Patent Search
Accurate and speedy research and reporting surrounding necessary information wanted by clients among a vast patent and technology information network covering domestic and foreign patents, utility models, designs, trademarks, and publications. This service is performed by our research staffs who are equipped with a wealth of experience and research capabilities using special search systems and data bases. Additionally, local language-based research at foreign locations is also available through our global network in patent industries.
Translation services not only for intellectual property (patent publications, application documentations, interim proceedings), but also for technical documentary records, agreements, and legal text, etc., from all fields of specialization. Precise translations are expediently prepared and delivered by our translation staffs who are equipped with a wealth of experience and accurate language capabilities
Patent Watching (SDI)
This service provides our clients with their requested up-to-date information (patent/non-patent) through the specific reporting time periods, in accordance with the clients’ side specific conditions such as IPC, product, technical features, etc.
Information Analysis
We can provide our clients with various kinds of the search/service outputs such as;
-Summary of the target publications (short-paragraph summary, categorization by features, themes, etc, visual presentation by chart, graph, etc.
-Exact legal status check by inspecting file wrapper, patent ledger, etc.
-Obtaining various legal, technical publications or documents.