Patent Search, Information Analysis, and Translation Services



Our translation service can connect world-wide technologies through high-quality translations stressing technology, laws, and linguistics.

Translation Services

IP Techno can offer translation services for documentations of foreign patent applications, patent publications and academic papers across the technology spectrum, and legal documents including contracts and litigation records, etc.

Translations between other possible language pairs

Between Japanese and English
This language pair accounts for the majority of translation demand. Consequently, this combination offers a deep pool of translators enabling IP Techno to assign translators best qualified for the technology fields concerned, the type of translation source document, the prospective use of the translation, and specific needs.
Between Japanese and German, French, etc.
IP Techno offers to accommodate all translations also in major languages other than English such as German, French, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean, etc.
Between English and German, French, and other local languages
For translations between foreign languages without involving Japanese, IP Techno will occasionally partner with foreign language service providers depending on language locality and technology content.

Patent Translations Services

  • Translations of foreign application documents
  • Translations for claiming the priority
  • Translations of Examination documents such as Office Actions
  • Translations of foreign patent publications

Translation services are available for all types of translation needs ranging from technical documentary records to documents of a general nature.

  • Academic papers: Papers for academic conferences and lectures
  • Litigation records: Judgments and precedents
  • Litigation support translations: Documentary evidence, research reports, conference records, communications, etc.
  • Agreements: Technical support agreements
  • Manuals: Specifications, standards, company brochures, product catalogues
  • Economics and finance related documents, magazine and newspaper articles, letters, etc.

Translation staffs being familiar with the specific technical fields

IP Techno uses selected translators with ample experience as practitioners across the range of specialty fields such as automobiles, electricity and electronics, chemistry, machinery, law, and economics who are equipped with solid linguistic capabilities.

Translations consistent with prescribed formats

Application documents, for various Patent Office including Japanese Patent Office, requires strict and specific formats. For example, patent translation conducted by IP Techno, for example, informed by a wealth of practical experience, preserve the formats of applications and interim handling procedures consistent with the prescribed formats and terminology usage at the target agency.